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MQ Channel Monitor Overview

The MQ Channel Monitor v1.1.0 (MQCM) application is a software package that is designed to gather and to display the status of MQ channels of the queue manager. MQCM displays 16 columns of channel status information. The display is automatically refreshed every 60 seconds (default value). The user can alter this refresh rate. By default, all of the channels of the queue manager that currently have a status will be displayed. The user can define filters so that only particular channels will have their status displayed.

MQ Channel Monitor is licensed under Apache License 2. It is free to use but support is not included. A support license may be purchased.

Enterprise Support Subscription for MQ Channel Monitor

The Yearly Enterprise Support Subscription License for MQ Channel Monitor sells for $999.00 USD per year. The company is provided with support for an unlimited number end-users and/or applications using MQ Channel Monitor at an unlimited number of locations.

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