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MQRC2 & MQRC2-GUI Overview

The MQRC2 v1.1.1 and MQRC2-GUI v1.0.1 applications can interpret an MQ reason code number (i.e. 2035), MQ reason code symbol (i.e. MQRC_OBJECT_IN_USE) or AMQ message number (i.e. AMQ4005) and display the relevant information from the IBM MQ Messages manual.

The MQRC2 binaries/executables (32-bit & 64-bit) are available for all major platforms: AIX, HP-UX IA64, IBM i (OS/400), Linux x86, Linux on POWER, Linux on System z (zSeries), Solaris SPARC, Solaris x86_64, Windows and z/OS.

MQRC2 & MQRC2-GUI are licensed under Apache License 2. It is free to use but support is not included.

Note: The information outputted belongs to IBM. Capitalware takes no responsibility for the content.

Windows Sample Output
C:\Capitalware\MQRC2>mqrc2 2035


The user is not authorized to perform the operation attempted:
- On an MQCONN or MQCONNX call, the user is not authorized to connect to the queue manager.
   * On z/OS, for CICS applications, MQRC_CONNECTION_NOT_AUTHORIZED is issued instead.
- On an MQOPEN or MQPUT1 call, the user is not authorized to open the object for the option(s) specified.
   * On z/OS, if the object being opened is a model queue, this reason also arises if the user is not authorized to create a dynamic queue with the required name.
- On an MQCLOSE call, the user is not authorized to delete the object, which is a permanent dynamic queue, and the Hobj parameter specified on the MQCLOSE call is not the handle returned by the MQOPEN call that created the queue.
- On a command, the user is not authorized to issue the command, or to access the object it specifies. This reason code can also occur in the Feedback field in the message descriptor of a report message; in this case it indicates that the error was encountered by a message channel agent when it attempted to put the message on a remote queue.

Completion Code:

Programmer Response:
Ensure that the correct queue manager or object was specified, and that appropriate authority exists.


MQRC2-GUI requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4 or higher and can run on any platform that has a JRE or JDK installed.

Enterprise Support Subscription for MQRC2

The Yearly Enterprise Support Subscription License for MQRC2 sells for $999.00 USD per year. The company is provided with support for an unlimited number end-users and/or applications using MQRC2 at an unlimited number of locations.

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