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Message Router Overview

The Message Router v1.1.0 (MRTR) application will move a message from a central queue to a specific application queue. The destination queue that the message will be placed into will be based on a keyword in the message. Context information is maintained across the get then message put.

MRTR will look in the message for a Start Keyword and an End Keyword. The value between these two keywords is the Keyword Value (inifile Token). MRTR will search its inifile for that particular Keyword Value. The field value associated with the lookup-ed keyword value is the destination queue name.

MRTR performs each MQGET and the subsequent MQPUT under a Unit of Work (UOW), so that message integrity is kept.

The MRTR binaries/executables (32-bit & 64-bit) are available for all major platforms: AIX, HP-UX IA64, IBM i (OS/400), Linux x86, Linux on POWER, Linux on System z (zSeries), Solaris SPARC, Solaris x86_64, Windows and z/OS.

MRTR is licensed under Apache License 2. It is free to use but support is not included.

Enterprise Support Subscription for Message Router

The Yearly Enterprise Support Subscription License for Message Router sells for $999.00 USD per year. The company is provided with support for an unlimited number end-users and/or applications using Message Router at an unlimited number of locations.

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