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Round Robin Messaging Overview

The Round Robin Messaging v1.0.0 (RRM) application is a MQ application that will move messages from a single input queue to 'n' output queues ('n' can be up to 99) in a round robin fashion.

If your application is having issues processing the volume of messages from its input queue, parallelism may help the situation. If you do not want to use MQ clustering and you can run multiple instances of your application, RRM is the solution to your problem.

In RRM, you define your source (input) queue (i.e. Q1) and the target (output) queues (i.e. QA, QB, QC & QD). Hence, you start 4 instances of your application with each processing messages from a single target queue (i.e. instance #1 reads messages from QA, instance #2 reads messages from QB, etc.). When RRM is started, it will get messages from the source queue and move them to the target queues. Since there are 4 target queues, each queue will get 25% (one-quarter) of the messages from the source queue. Messages put to each target queues are an exact replicate of the original message from the source queue (including the message's MQMD).

RRM performs each MQGET and the subsequent MQPUT will be done under a Unit of Work (UOW), so that message integrity is kept.

The RRM binaries/executables (32-bit & 64-bit) are available for all major platforms: AIX, HP-UX IA64, IBM i (OS/400), Linux x86, Linux on POWER, Linux on System z (zSeries), Solaris SPARC, Solaris x86_64, Windows and z/OS.

RRM is licensed under Apache License 2. It is free to use but support is not included.

Enterprise Support Subscription for Round Robin Messaging

The Yearly Enterprise Support Subscription License for Round Robin Messaging sells for $999.00 USD per year. The company is provided with support for an unlimited number end-users and/or applications using Round Robin Messaging at an unlimited number of locations.

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